This is my first attempt at the pine cone swag.



Allison and Zachary are so fun. Listening to their conversations, their pretend play, and they even do a good job taking care of each other. The other night I was cooking dinner and from the kitchen, I hear Alli tell Z "You know the funnest part about Heaven is you get to go there in an airplane ride!" She was so excited about it and so serious too. They are also going through a phase where they call Gatoraide "Gatoraider". They used to call it "Alligator", but for some reason have switched to calling it "Gatoraider". Funny! Zachary and Allison both had RSV a couple of weeks ago. Zachary's turned into Pneumonia. He has been taking 3 breathing treatments a day and a high powered antibiotic once daily. Neither one of them has been quite themselves lately. It is miserable to have sick kiddos. I haven't been feeling to well either. I have a sinus infection which I probably got from them having RSV. Anyway, the Dr. said the extreme dizziness I have been experiencing is from sinus pressure on my ears. I actually ran into the wall a couple of times. I would be funny, if it wasn't so scary that it might be something more serious. It also makes me feel a little nauseous. By the end of the day yesterday, I hit the door running to make it to the Dr. before the take their last patient. I got a shot and 2 perscriptions, which I actually haven't gotten filled yet. I hate being sick almost as much as I hate the kids being sick. Well, I am rambling now about nothing interesting,


Zachary is FUNNY!

So Alli is in here room screaming for someone to come help her clean. Zachary laying in the other room screams back " Ask Jesus!" Walking down the isle at Walmart, Zachary says "Hey Mom, that guy was older. Mom, that guy was older. MOM, THAT GUY WAS OLDER!" I say "Yes, Zachary, but it is not very nice to say that about people." He replies "Mom, I just said he was older, not OLD!" "If you are a girl you have cat eyes. If you are a boy, you have dog eyes."


Back to Blogging

Well, yesterday I said I was going to start this today, so here goes. I am really worried right now about a couple of things. First, is my grandma. She is having an angioplasty in the morning. They are going to try to do stints at that time and I am praying they are able to do that and then she will be able to come home on Friday. I love my grandma. The second thing is that Alli is still really sick. She went to the Dr. on Thursday and they said she had a sinus infection. They gave us all these medicines and they don't seem to be working because she is in her room right now coughing like crazy. I don't know what to do about her. I just want her to be well too.


I am going to try really hard to start blogging more often. The kids do and say some of the funniest stuff and this is the easiest way to share and save it. So I am going to be doing a lot more blogging...starting tomorrow because this is the latest I have been up in forever. Time for bed.


Long Story, Extremely Short Version

I went to Deal Time today to pick up some stuff my mother bought. She has been stuck in the house for over two months so she buys crap from there. Even though by now you would think she would've learned her lesson. It's all broken used junk, but that is for another story. I went in there and stood for probably 5 minutes before I was ever acknowledged. That is not to say I wasn't seen because I was, by 4 of the 5 men who where in the room and the 1 womanas they were talking amongst themselves and having a grand time going thru tonights crap. That is when the 5th man picked up an air pellet gun from the table. And, I thought "surely, he won't" just as he did. Without looking around to survey his surroundings, he began shooting the gun, not at anyone or anything. He was just shooting everywhere and some of the pellets ricochetted over and it me in the legs. I was not hurt, more just like shocked and appalled that someone would be so careless. That is when the woman began walking over to help me and he shot her. She was very tough. She continued over and as she was standing in front of me the whelp that the pellet left reddened and doubled in size. She said "Wow, that really hurt" I said " You better be glad it did not hit me" At that point, I thought it had stopped, because the gunman had realized there was a customer in the building. But, was shortly surprised again when now the group of employees huddled together and began shooting the gun across the room. And, once again I was hit by ricochetting pellets and had retreated to the corner. After the woman had gathered all of my mom's stuff, I began carrying it to the car and it was on one of the 4 trips back and forth to the car with no offer of help from one of the six employees of this "fine" business, that they had begun shooting each other at close range with the gun to see how bad it hurt. It was just an incredibly ridiculous situation that I would have never intentionally put myself in. And, I am so thankful that the "gunman" did not blindly turn around and shoot in my direction, which could have easily been the case. And, this was the shortened version.


This is just a pic of my "Big Girl' this morning before school. She is growing so much and is so sweet. On the way to school, she told me that sometimes she cries for me while she is there. Broke me heart so I caved and am going to pick her up early today.

Good News

We had a Good News Dinner at our church on Sunday. We go to First Christian Church Disciples of Christ in Durant. Our bell choir performed for the first time. That's Zach 2nd from the left and me 4th from the left. The kids sang and it was really good, but a little long so their attention span didn't last quiet as long as the performance. Allison and Zachary are the ones in the center of the video most of the time.


Super Z

Today, Zachary did one of the funniest and most imaginative things he has done yet. We were picking up my grandma and had gotten out of the car at her house. I called her on the phone and asked her to open the garage door because we were there. As we were standing in front of the garage, it started to open. I looked over at Lil Z and he was standing there facing the garage door with his arm stretched straight in front of him, hand in a fist, with a look of intent consentration on his face. I asked him what he was doing and he told me "My opening the garage door." He was pretending to use his powers to open the garage door. What a little smarty.


What Goes Around

So, my mom told us this hilarious story about how she and my grandma went to eat at this Chinese buffet and there wasn't a huge selection for desert, but she had gotten ice cream and then my grandma got up to get her desert and ended up with some sushi on her plate thinking it was a coconut roll. My mom thought this was so funny that my g-ma didn't know what sushi was that she actually let her taste it. My mom was laughing so hard at my grandma, she probably couldn't have told her if she wanted to. Anyway, my g-ma bit right into the sushi, knew immediately, it was not cake, and thought it tasted terribly. My mom comes home thinks this story is hilarious, which it is to hear her tell it, and procedes to tell it like 10x. Ok, so here is where karma comes into play and reminds us it's not nice to make fun of old people. We just got a second Braum's in town over on the west side. My mom pulls right up in the drive thru and orders a double dip hot fudge sundae with all the trimmings. The drive-thru operator says, "excuse me, ma'am." She tells him her order again. "Umm, I'm sorry, ma'am, we don't have those." Which is when my mom realized that she was in the Taco Bell drive thru next door. Bahahahahahaha! My mom was cracking up when she told this one on herself, too!